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Business loans in working environments

Business Loans

What is a loan?

Businesses often require loans to start-up or even expand their existing business. Working capital is often difficult to come by for small-medium sized businesses that are just getting by. A loan is a large sum of money that is given out and is expected to be paid back with interest. This allows companies to use the money to increase revenue and eventually pay back the loan.

Everyone is familiar with how mortgages are given out for homes, these business loans would work in a similar matter. Money would be loaned in a lump sum to you the customer, in exchange you would be responsible for making the term payments written out in the contract. If for ever reason payments stop being made, collateral will be taken in the form of assets to pay out the remaining balance. This is a great alternative funding solution for businesses large and small and from any industry.

Get Started Today! Rates start as low as 0.75%. Click Here for more information contact us by email or phone at 1 (855) 800-5525. We help businesses across Canada get the financing they need!

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What Businesses Need Loans?

For companies that need temporary working capital when there is an unsudden growth or setback. As a business you could risk the chance that you lose potential business, or you could come to us for temporary financial relief. We will get you the working capital upfront, while you make term payments until the balance has been paid off.

To find out more information about business loans or other alternative funding options, please contact us by email or give us a call at 1-855-800-5525.